Monday, November 26, 2007

Hi, I'm Madison,
My wonderful wife and I have a small Wedding Photography/Video business that is the love of our life. I have always had a vivid interest in photography but hated the aspect of processing film. I started my career in Radio where everything was recorded on tape, it was instant no processing necessary. You recorded, edited, and produced everything at the same time. The 35mm SLR film camera took time. When they came out with the Digital SLR camera my dream was answered. That is as soon as they were affordable. I shot both still and video in my advertising days but never really centered on it. Though I was able to have my work published in several magazines and newspapers. As well as shooting, writing, and producing TV and radio commercials for my clients. I can truthfully say they were really good, my opinion. I am still amused by the ever shrinking number of photographers holding on to film and proclaiming it superior. I come to a wedding shoot loaded for bear with 13 GB's of memory (how many rolls of film would that be?) a laptop to download my pictures, in case I run out of memory HaHa, and also to check the lighting and see if it's really bad. Two Mac Daddy Canon SLR's (single lens reflex digital cameras) See Google, with an assortment of lenses that cost more than the camera bodies themselves, and introducing our first Canon GL 2 video camera. You make ask why we're married to Canon? Canon is without question the professional's choice. Go to an NFL game and look at the photographer's cameras. You will undoubtedly see a red ring around all of the lenses, L series professional CANON. We use Photo shop CS, the Mac Daddy of photo editing systems, Our website is FLASH the most expensive and hardest to maintain (as well as the best looking) and we virtually spend everything we make to upgrade and add new equipment. I tell you this to let you you know how serious we are. We come to your wedding confident of having our best shoot ever, even if our best shoot ever was last weekend. We truly consider it to be the greatest honor of all time to be the photographers to document the only event in your lifetime (probably) that you will actually hire someone to photograph. Please don't sell yourself short, get someone who invests themselves in this the same way you do. If you are getting married you don't want to concern yourself about bad photography (No one can re shoot your wedding for you) We have never shot a bad wedding, only a better one afterwords. We look forward to making your wedding the best one We've ever shot. Just consider everything We give you for the money, and consider this, We don't care what you pay you'll always get our best effort. You can not imagine what we go through to make sure your wedding is documented like an Inaugural affair. We will always come away with magazine quality pictures of your wonderful day. Please trust us on this most magnificent occasion and best of all We charge you an affordable price.
"Save your money, for the Honeymoon"